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Window repairs Leeds

Misted sealed units

replace misted upvc window sealed unit in leeds and bradford

Wet, misted uPVC double-glazed units with broken seals don’t just look unsightly, they are also reducing your home’s insulation, costing more money to heat rooms which leak warmth more quickly and reducing the value of your property.

There is often no need to replace the complete uPVC window and frame, we can simply replace the damaged unit …

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Window frame repairs

repair upvc window frames in leeds and bradford

Damage and ugly marks to uPVC window frames from attempted break-ins and burglaries caused by crowbars and screwdrivers, as well as accidental cosmetic scratches, holes and burns on frames can often be repaired at a minimal cost.

Cosmetic cracks, chips, scratches and holes can now be easily repaired with latest technology uPVC solutions and treatments …

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New window handles

new replace upvc window handles in leeds and bradford

New window handles can be installed to your uPVC window frames whether they are faulty or broken, or they have simply become tired and worn. You can change the appearance of your window frames instantly with a modern handle style or a different finish.

We have dozens of the latest, high-security uPVC window handles available to choose from in white, brown and attractive metal finishes …

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New window hinges

new repair upvc window hinges in leeds and bradford

Due to normal ‘wear and tear’, the window hinges of uPVC double-glazed units can often become loose and worn, and the window then fails to sit correctly within the frame, causing the weather to penetrate and difficulty when opening and closing.

Replacement of these stainless steel friction hinges and regular maintenance will correct this problem and get your window hinges running smoothly …

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Window mechanisms

repair upvc windows in leeds and bradford

Inferior and low quality uPVC window mechanisms can cause poor alignment of your window and will often result in it’s failure to close securely and keep out both the extreme UK weather and any unwanted intruders and burglars.

New, high quality, insurance-approved window mechanisms can be easily fitted by our experienced, professional window engineers …

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Added window security

security upgrade upvc window locks in leeds and bradford

The increasingly high UK rates of burglaries and attempted break-ins, on both home and business addresses, could be reduced if property owners took greater care and improved their levels of security on accessible windows and entry doors.

Installing improved locking window handles, window restrictors and sash jammers can lower the risk of your home being burgled …

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