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Burglaries & break-ins

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Have you been the victim of a buglary in Leeds or has there been an attempt by an intruder to break into your home in Leeds? At these worrying times nothing is as important as the ‘peace of mind’ of having secure new door locks and window security, including the latest anti-snap locks from leading insurance approved lock manufacturers.

Damage and marks to uPVC window frames caused by screwdrivers and crowbars from break-in attempts, as well as cosmetic scratches, holes and burns often can be repaired at minimal cost …

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Lost & broken keys

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House keys – are probably the things that we will lose or misplace the most during our lifetime, and when we can’t get back into our home it can often call for desperate measures! And when our keys are stolen from our car, bag or coat, then time is against us to get our homes re-secured before our families and their possessions come to any harm.

Damaged or sticking locks can result in a key getting stuck in the lock or worse a key snap off leaving you with no way of getting back into your home or re-securing it when you want to leave …

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Anti-snap locks

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The ‘weak spot’ in many of the latest uPVC and composite doors fitted to your home, is often the euro-lock cylinder itself! Thousands of local homes are susceptible to ‘lock bumping’ or ‘lock snapping’, where a burglar will exert pressure on the lock and it ‘snaps’ at the weakest point allowing the thieves access to your home and your valuables.

To ensure you do not become one of the many victims of this type of burglary, review your current door locks now and replace them with the latest, insurance-approved anti-snap lock cylinders …

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