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Door repairs

New door handles

replacement upvc door handles in leeds and bradford

Constant use of your homes’s entry doors will result in door handles becoming worn, along with the locking mechanisms. Poor quality, weak uPVC door handles can easily be snapped by burglars to gain easier access to the door lock and force entry to your home.

Additionally, you can easily change and improve the cosmetic appearance of your entrance with a new door handle in a different style or colour …

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Replacement door hinges

replace upvc door hinges in leeds and bradford

Door hinges will stop running smoothly after hours of entry doors being opened and closed, becoming ceased or failing completely. Often this will lead to the door itself ‘dropping’ within the frame and require re-alignment by an experienced uPVC door engineer.

Acting as one of the secure points of a uPVC door, weakened hinges will more easily allow a burglar to gain access to your home using force …

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New door mechanisms

fix replace upvc door mechanism in leeds and bradford

Even the most expensive uPVC doors, from leading manufacturers, with their multi-point locking systems can be installed with poor quality door mechanisms, which after time, and continuous use, will wear out and need servicing or replacing.

The internal workings of a modern uPVC and composite door are best left in the hands of an experienced locksmith or door fitter …

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Replacement letterboxes

fit new upvc door letterbox in leeds and bradford

It’s one feature that at least one of our doors will have – a letterbox – often the thing that will get most used and become loose, squeaky, creaky or even cease up totally, stopping us from getting deliveries of our daily news and post.

Maybe your door is in need of a new look? Along with new door handles and uPVC or glass panels, a new style letterbox will increase ‘kerb appeal’ …

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Replacement door panels

repair replace upvc door panels in leeds and bradford

Whether you need a repair or a new cosmetic look, with literally hundreds of replacement uPVC door panels and glazed units to choose from, you can very easily change the look and style of your home’s entry doors, porches and conservatories with minimal fuss and expense.

Your choice of door panel can be solid uPVC, a thermally-efficient double glazed unit or a decorative stained or cut-glass design …

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Additional door security

upgrade upvc door locks in leeds and bradford

Always the weakest point for a burglar to force access into your home, so whether you want to keep intruders out or stop unwanted door canvassers from getting in, there’s no excuses for ensuring that your door security has received a complete upgrade.

Perhaps you’ve recently moved into a new property and want to make sure that the previous owners took their home security as seriously as you do …

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